Monday, June 22, 2009

Off season

A lot of amazing/interesting thing have happened in the last few days since the club season ended with the FA Cup final. Some of the events that are worth mentioning are:

1) Kaka and Ronaldo moving to Real for absolutely filthy amounts of money. I have no idea as to how they can afford to spend a combined total of 136 million pounds on two players, and guess what it seems they are just starting. The La Liga would be tasty though, next season, wouldn't it ??

2) The Confederation Cup has thrown up some exciting matches, none more so than Brazil's 4-3 win over Egypt. The star for me was Mohammad Zidan, a player, I hope who will come soon to the Premiership.

3) Spain are playing awesome football. Should the Brazil-Spain final happen as expected, we would get a good idea as to how good the Spanish are. I suspect it will be a great match, with the Spanish just shading it. I think the Spanish have great strength and depth in defence (including the GK spot) and midfield. My only concern would be as to how would they fare in case David Villa and/or Torres are injured (got forbid) for the World Cup.

4) Arsenal have made a quick start to the buying season with the signature of Thomas Vermaelen of Ajax. Here's wishing the new boy, a great career with the Gunners !!

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