Monday, June 1, 2009

Champions league final

They were called wizards, magicians, puppetmasters, sorcerers and what not. If you had been following the English press prior to the final, Barcelona were being described as a team with these adjectives and many more and you would be forgiven for thinking that the task facing Manchester United would be a superhuman one, facing not mere mortals but the Gods of football itself. And yet, and yet.......the consensus among the experts was that United, not Barcelona were going to win the final and win it comfortably.

The reason given for this dichotomy was this. Yes, Barca do play the most divine, sublime football on earth, but then that is all that they do.....United have many more strings to their bow, they can play beautiful, flowing football when they want and play a tactical, controlled style as well when they need to and this tactical superiority was supposed to give them the edge....

We all say what happened and let us be very clear about it........ the better team won and won with some ease.... Some points that I would like to make about the final are:

1) Xavi and Iniesta are the best midfield pairing going around the world at the moment. They have a great first touch, brilliant and complete passing range and a wonderful awareness of the game.
2) Cool, calm and composed.......... that is what the entire Barcelona team was after the first ten minutes....... It was difficult to believe that they were playing a Champions League final...
3) Messi is sensational..... He is a little present sent by God for all football lovers to enjoy and let us do that beyond our club loyalties.....
4) Wayne Rooney has become so unselfish that it is becoming difficult to believe that he would be England's main striker in the World Cup next year.
5) Great to see Sylvinho and Henry win the Champions league..... Well done guys, I am proud of you........
6) Pep Guardiola was a legend when he played..... Winning the treble in his first year has just added to it......No surprises, the guy is a born winner....
7) I don't know who is the best player in the world. Is it Messi or is it ............. Iniesta ???

Barcelona were the best team in Europe and they are deserved champions. Well done Champs !!

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