Sunday, May 3, 2009

Champions League - Second legs

Well, the first legs did not provide the goals that all of us had expected. What do the second legs look like?
Arsenal host Manchester United, lucky to be trailing by just a solitary goal from the first leg. But the facts are that United outplayed the Gunners totally and other than a brief spell in the second half, where Arsenal managed to retain some possession without penetration, United were totally dominant. While Arsenal should play much better than what they did in the first leg, United are capable of scoring away goals easily and just one away goal for them means that Arsenal have to score at least 3, which I don't see is possible. So, this one looks like a done deal to me and unfortunately it seems it is the end of the road for the Arsenal this season.
Chelsea managed to come out with a goalless draw from Nou Camp after a great defensive display that stiffled the Catalan magicians. The second leg is also difficult to call. One can expect Chelsea to go forward and that is exactly what Barca would need to allow them to play their own game with a bit more space. My prediction is a narrow Chelsea win to setup a repeat of last year's final.

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