Saturday, April 25, 2009

Liverpool 4 - ARSHAVIN - 4 !!

What a match, it was at Anfield, this Tuesday. An absolutely amazing game, which oscillated from the brilliant to the bizzare, back and forth, providing great entertainment, joy and despair all along the way. Liverpool were dynamic going forward. They exerted tremendous pressure on the rather patched up Arsenal back line and literally took the game by the scruff of the neck. Rarely, if ever, have I seen the Gunners under such pressure and for such a sustained period of time. And yet, Liverpool have been having some defensive frailties of their own in the last month or so and boy, did Arsenal, sorry ARSHAVIN !! punish them. In the end it was a tremendous game, the second 4-4 that we have had this season and while on the balance of play, I have to say we did not deserve to win. But Arshavin for his amazing play certainly did, and hopefully he will win soon at Anfield.
Some points worth noting from the match were:
1) Fernando Torres is magnificient. His turn of pace to beat a defender, once he receives the ball is breath-taking.
2) Arshavin's second goal will remain in memory for a long time to come. The ability to sense that a defender can put under pressure in a seemingly innocous situation, followed by taking the ball away and then finishing it off with a stunning strike that beats a great keeper in goal just shows what a player he is. I am glad he is at Arsenal and will be lighting up the premiership for a few years to come.
3) Theo Walcott has now produced two scorching runs at Anfield in just over a year. And both have resulted in goals which put us in a winning positions in the tie/ match. Unfortunately, on both occassions we have conceded immediately and lost/ drawn the match. This one felt like deja vu.
To sum it up, Liverpool were devastating, Arsenal were diabolical at times (at the back), but Andrei Arshavin was stunning and the result was a reflection of his brilliance, rather a fair score line.

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