Sunday, April 19, 2009

Keeping the faith

What a week it could have been !! A clinical and classical performance, midweek against Villareal took us through to the semi finals of the Champions League where "the bestest team in the world" awaits us. More on that in a later post. However, that performance had all Arsenal fans buzzing with hope and excitement, looking forward to the FA Cup semi final against Chelsea at Wembley.

We lost 2-1 in a hard fought match. There were some individual mistakes and we paid dearly for them. However, there is no score or need for finger pointing. As an Arsenal Fan, all that I ask from my players is that we play with commitment and passion and I saw that on the pitch.

We are going through a rather long trophyless time at Arsenal, but there are certain principles based on which this club lives and dies by and I hope it stays the same. I hope we manage to retain our players for the coming seasons and we can look forward to them with great hope and expectation.

And this season is not yet over and I keep the faith, as always.

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