Sunday, April 5, 2009

Firaq and memories

Went to watch the film - Firaq last week. Had known that the movie was about the Gujarat riots of 2002. Thinking about that, brought back a memory which is shared here.

It was the month of March in 2002 and I was appearing for my 12th Standard Board exams. With the exams going on at that time, I had not been following the events happening in Gujarat too much. It was possibly the Hindi Exam that day. My seat for the board exams that year was in a school in Park Circus, Kolkata. All of us were in the hall about 20 minutes before the paper was to start. Getting ready to take on the paper, sitting quietly, focussing on the next 3 hours. Just then, a lady teacher who was our invigilator that day, came to the front of the class. In a quiet, dignified voice, she briefly told us about the events going on in Gujarat and asked us to stand up and have a minute's silence to pray for peace and harmony.

I have never been able to forget this incident and every time the mention of Gujarat and the riots come up, this incident crops up in my mind.

I wish such things don't happen in the country again. I don't know and honestly don't want to blame anybody but I wish we become more tolerant as a people and a country.

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